Youth – Turning 30: Imaginations vs Reality

Yo What’s Up? It’s been so long (years) since I shared my thoughts and reflections here.

I still write a lot for myself on weekly basis. I guess it’s just about time I resume my writing and sharing habit, even though I don’t expect a lot of people to read or care haha. If you do…Thank You..let me know and I’ll buy you a drink/lunch/dinner for wasting your precious time reading my BS.LoL

I’m always interested in stories about youth, especially how young men and women spend their “most beautiful time of their lives”

Well, today’s topic is all about me. Last December I turned 30 and I’m about to hit 31 this year. Wow! It’s such a milestone. If you think about it..that’s almost half of your life there.

I vividly remember of how I thought my life would be at 30 when I was still in my 20’s . Well, it was all about super positive and superficial things that I would have.

Getting married, and having an amazing family, kids, great career, earning $XX load a month, having that dream house….blah..blah..blah…you name it.

Yeah, I did reach a lot of life goals in my 20’s. Just to be specific…I had different goals every year.
In short, my imaginary 30 year old was freaking …decent.

Yeah, but the reality is..I’ve only reached half of my goals and’m far from having that amazing family haha.

I will not go into details about my goals in this post but..yeah, you get it right?The reality has hit hard and maybe I’ve screwed up in some areas of my life.

But seriously, who doesn’t fail in some areas of life when they’re just 30?. Who doesn’t set goals in their 20’s and never achieves them or completely ignores them? Who doesn’t break up with their exes who they thought they will settle down with?

I’m just like you, an ordinary human being who strives daily to have a better life. But it doesn’t always work out that way. What we want is not exactly what’s gonna happen. After all, it’s just what life is all about.

Lately I’ve gone through some setbacks and I started to question myself. Who am I? What values do I have? Why do I feel this way? What does it mean to have all these emotions?

I guess it doesn’t mean that I got nothing in return. Humbly, I think I achieved a lot of things throughout the years. Yeah..but I do start to question myself. Hmmm, I guess I’ve never turned to myself… I never searched within. I often looked elsewhere to find those validations. But I do feel now is the time to find the meaning within.

Life is full of unexpected events, ups and downs, twists and turns, things we never expected or thought could happen to us. And I’ve experienced all these in their true and raw forms. So I guess I should know that life will be better tomorrow, next month, next year..ext. As long as I keep on working on myself… being and living in the present..things will eventually look brighter. But I know I can’t control what I can’t control.

We all suffer and struggle sometimes. But we can choose what we suffer and struggle about. I truly hope we all can be in a better place one day. And yes, I turned 30 and I’m still f***ing up in some areas of my life. But that’s totally ok. I guess. LOL


Thanks for reading folks.

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