Your Health Matters !

Imagine you’re considered as one of the most influential chefs in the world. You write books that are best-selling, you have your own TV shows that millions of people watching, you travel the world to try on different food and cuisine, you’re dating with a beautiful model. And even the former US president has to invite you for dinner.

You have everything from frame, money to power. A life that everyone on this earth would dream to get a taste, yet you ended your life by comitting suicide.

Why?…I dont have the answer, no one has it but him, Mr. Anthony Bourdain who has passed away on this day 3 months ago. It was the big shock to the world, but there’s something that is not new here.

Depression !

According to the world health organization, more than 300 million people of all ages suffer from depression at any given time.

And every 40 seconds, there’s someone kill his/her own life, 50% of that is due to depression.

What are the common causes and impacts from stress and depression?

One major confusion between having depression and just feeling depressed. Almost everyone feels down from time to time, getting a bad grade, losing a job, breaking up with gf/bf, even a raniny day can bring on feeling of sadness, sometimes there’s no trigger at all.

Having depression is different, it’s a medical disorder and it wont go away just because we want it to. It lingers for at least two consecutive weeks and interferes significantly with one’s ability to work, play or love.

So whare are the symtoms of a depressed person: alone mood, losing interest in activities/things you normally enjoy, feeling worthless or guilty, sleeping too much or too little, lost of energy, poor concentration, or recurrent thoughts of suicide. If you have at least 5 of those symtoms, you qualify for having depression.

The dangerous thing is depression symtoms are intangible, it’s hard to know who might look fine but is actually struggling. Just imagine if your family members, best friends, or your partners having those symtoms but you have no clue about their internal battles.

For those who are suffering depression, I urge you to take the 1st step, opening up and share with someone you trust, be it your family, best friend, partners or a therapists.  Depression or any mental illness is not a weakness, it’s an illness just like others that need to be cured and is curable.

And for those who are not having depression, congratualation. But I challenge you if you know or doubt anyone suffering from depression, please reach out to talk and help them.

That our health is not only about physical. And when I say your Health matters I mean both, your physical and mental health.



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